A central tenet of Medical Center Nursery School philosophy is that each child needs to be appreciated, accepted, and develop the confidence to appreciate and accept himself or herself. Strong emphasis is placed upon exploration, discovery, development of personal satisfaction, independence, self-management skills, and motivation.

The curriculum utilizes materials and methods that best suit young childrens’ needs and interests either in individual or group activities. It naturally includes many activities that allow the children self-expression and help develop creativity, with importance placed upon the creative process rather than the final product. The curriculum also includes many opportunities to foster the development of appropriate manipulative and gross motor skills, including weekly movement classes.

The development of positive social skills is a strong mandate of the school. Focus is placed on each child's relationships with peers and with adults, as well as what it means to be part of a group. This is further enhanced by encouraging the development of language, communication, and listening skills.

Intellectual growth is fostered by appropriate materials and activities that help to develop early conceptualization in such areas as science, social science, math, and basic reading-readiness skills. Listening to stories and other language arts experiences, music, and group discussions are an integral part of daily activities. In the Trailblazers’ Classroom, the children are encouraged to begin to compose and write stories on their own.

Holidays may or may not be adhered to; when they are, the teachers and children explore and celebrate them in a manner that de-emphasizes sectarian religious beliefs or commercial hype. Instead, focus is placed on seasonal or cultural themes and traditions as they relate to the children and their experiences in and out of school. Parents, under the teachers’ guidance, are encouraged to share their own ethnic cultural events or holidays with individual classes as a way of enhancing the school's program and promotion of diversity in our community.

MCNS works in collaboration with Bilingual Birdies to provide a weekly Spanish class for all students.

MCNS ultimately aims to help all its students move out into the world with self-awareness and confidence in themselves to successfully navigate their challenging journey toward a fulfilling adulthood. The school aims to foster curiosity about the world, love and recognition of the strengths of diversity, and the fundamental knowledge and skills to ensure readiness for future learning experiences.