The school has three spacious, air-conditioned classrooms with expansive views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. Each classroom is equipped with child-sized lavatories. In addition, the facility includes the lobby/playroom used for gross motor activities, the school office, a childrenā€™s library with over 1,600 books and meeting room, a cubby and storage room, and a kitchen.  

Bright natural light floods the classrooms.

Our classrooms have similar layouts. Each spacious room has a block area, a dramatic play area, a meeting and whole group space, a library and cozy area, areas with tables for working with manipulative toys and art materials, sand boxes, and water tables. The classrooms are furnished with ample toys, materials, and supplies appropriate for the developmental levels of the children.

Spontaneous play with well-chosen materials helps children develop concepts and make connections.

All of the rooms have wood unit blocks, wood trains and tracks, a wealth of manipulative toys and puzzles, play dough and clay and other tactile materials, paper, drawing and writing implements, and a variety of paints. Children are able to interact with and use the various materials during several play and work periods throughout the day

Outdoor play on the playground offers many opportunities for gross motor activities and developing large muscle control.

The large Stephen L. Bennett Playground (named in honor of a long-serving former President of the Board of Trustees) on an outdoor terrace one level above the school is equipped with a dramatic and challenging climbing and play structure.  Wheeled toys and Imagination Playground Blocks enhance the outdoor experiences.  Angela's Garden (named for a former student of the school) in a series of wood planters is within the fenced playground area.