The Medical Center Nursery School seeks to provide a secure, educational setting in which young children can participate in a wide range of learning activities. Together with their classmates and their teachers, they will investigate a large number of developmentally-appropriate materials and experiment with a variety of stimulating creative media outside their own home. Early childhood education is based upon a child’s beginning to understand and appreciate himself and herself and interacting and communicating comfortably with others. The school philosophy is that these developments can be encouraged most effectively in a warm, intimate environment in which young children play, interact, and learn with nurturing, well trained and experienced teachers.

The curriculum utilizes materials and methods that best suit young children’s needs and interests. The school begins with each child’s need to be appreciated and accepted and to appreciate and accept herself or himself. Children participate in a variety of individual and group activities. Strong emphasis is placed upon exploration and discovery and development of personal satisfaction, independence, motivation, and self-management skills. In addition, we stress each child’s relationships with his or her peers and with the teachers, and on appreciating cultural diversity.

Intellectual growth is fostered by materials and activities which help to develop early conceptualization is such areas as science and math, by encouraging the development of language and communication skills and by initiating basic reading-readiness skills.

The curriculum includes many activities which allow the children to express themselves and develop creativity. It also includes activities which foster the development of appropriate manipulative and gross motor skills.

The school’s goal is to help each child grow in self-awareness, self-acceptance, awareness of and respect for others, curiosity about the world around her or him, and in readiness for future learning experiences.